CCMH AMTRAK #1504 MHC III w/ PO Logo 1

CCMH AMTRAK #1415 MHC III - (Assembly Required!)

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When Amtrak took over responsibility for the national rail
passenger services, they also inherited the problem of the U.S. Mail
contracts for intracity mail movement.

The aging fleet of RPO's (Railway Post Office), and baggage
cars used by the various railroads were an average of 30+ years old and
worn out.

Amtrak designed and had built a new series of Boxcars
designed to move the U.S. Mail and Express freight between cities.

They were basicly just a streamlined boxcar about 60 ft long
but had passenger car trucks capable of running at passenger train speeds.
(60-80 mph).

• Weighted car bodies
• Express Passenger Trucks
• Smooth rolling Delrin RP-25 wheelsets
• Various accurate paint schemes.
• Industry compatible operating knuckle couplers.

All Kits Require Assembly! - Average Assembly Time is 20mins.