HO 45 Ft Corrugated Euro Container DHL Transport (Yellow) (02)

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Con-Cor's new HO 45 Ft Container is based on the "Euro" Design adopted a
few years ago as the new International standard for the 45 Ft Containers.

The early years of containerization were driven by US based Companies,
and "the" standard container was was based on American dimensions.

The other problem was the US ws using "American" dimension pallets
and the rest of the world were using metric dimension pallets. The
differences were very small but in the American Design a standard 45
Ft container would accommodate a maximum 24 European pallets.

By re-configuring the container inside dimensions very slightly to
the new Euro Standard you could get up to 27 Euro pallets in one 45
Ft container.

This does not seem like much, but the increase of payload
of over 10% reduced costs for everyone. Externally the new Euro Container
is almost identical of the old containers, and the interchange points for
the interlocking mechanism between containers remains identical, so all
the new Euro design containers interchange easily with the older design

The other feature of the Euro-design container is the front corner
posts are angled, which we assume is to allow a few more inches of turning
radius on the narrow streets of Europe and Asia Cities.