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HO 85 Ft Streamline Corrugated Passenger - Slumber Coach Burlington Route

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1930's-Present era "HO" 85 Ft Streamline Corrugated Passenger Cars

Used on all major railroads, Amtrak in the early years and
some still in use on Tourist Trains.

Available Body Styles:

• HO 70 Ft Pullman Standard Corrugated Baggage
• HO 85 Ft Pullman Standard Corrugated Coach
• HO 85 Ft ACF Mid-Train Dome Car
• HO 85 Ft Pullman Standard Dining Car
• HO 85 Ft Pullman Standard Round Tail End Observation Car
• HO 85 Ft Budd Built Slumber Coach Car
• HO 85 Ft Pullman Standard 10/6 Sleeper Car
• HO 85 Ft Mid-Train Budd Built Dome Car
• HO 85 Ft Budd Built Dome/Observations Car

• Cars come Factory Assembled (R.T.R)
• Cars need a minimum of 24-26 inch radius to operate properly
because of the coupler overhang
• Cars come weighted
• Cars have smooth rolling Delrin RP-25 wheelsets
• Cars have McHenry (Athearn) Industry Compatible Operating Couplers
• Cars do not have interiors. Interiors not currently available from
Con-Cor, but partial interiors were available at one time from
American Limited brand (Available on their website).
• Cars to not have interior lighting, but you can use the Fox Valley
(or similar battery powered LED lighting strips, the Fox Valley
versions have to be trimmed to be slightly shorter to fit, this is
easily done, and light strip can be glued to underside of the roof.
(Operated by a magnetic wand.)
• Note reason the cars do not have interiors is that they were
originally designed in the 1970's for train sets Con-Cor was selling at
that time.
• Most cars are in a stainless steel simulated Silver paint.
• Other cars with more extensive color schemes were matched to the
Authentic railroad paint colors
• (Matched from Art Dubin's Pullman Company Original paint chips)