HO Pennsy Keystone, non-powered Coach, no Pan MumP54 (1-94611) 1

HO MUmP54 Pennsy Keystone, non-Powered Combine No Pan (1-94641) Car#4539

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Famous MUmP54 Cars original built for Pennsylvania Railroad from 1910 through the 1930’s

Some of these cars lasted through to the Penn-Central and SEPTA era of early 1970’s


  • Accurate dimensioning per Pennsy Railroad plans
  • Complete Underbody Details (Many individual pieces)
  • RP-25 Metal Wheelsets
  • Working Knuckle couplers
  • Working Prototype Pennsylvania Brass Pantographs
  • Pantographs can be made to pickup Cantenary power by sliding switch on interior PCB board
  • Rarely modeled “Grounding Switch” on roof next to Pantograph
  • Working Headlights at each end of the cars
  • Authentic Paint Schemes based on Historical Society Help
  • Built in factory lighting (Works in either DC, or DCC automatically.
  • DCC “ready” with NMRA standard Socket set on PCB board of Powered units.
  • Two Powered Trucks per powered unit, belly mounted motor, so we can detail interiors as much as possible.
  • Both Trucks have photo etched pilots factory mounted.
  • Complete Interior details
  • Accurate paint schemes (Per PRR Historical Society and other reference materials per time era.)