Labelle Motor Cleaning System #901

Labelle Motor Cleaning System #901

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Labelle #901 Track Motor Cleaner was created by model railroaders,
For model railroaders to solve a quite common problem: To Restore a
favorite, often used, or Collectible model train locomotive back to its best

Labelle Motor Cleaner is not a solvent but a high-performance lubricant.
The exceptional creeping and penetrating properties will make rehabilitating of frozen motors, gear trains, and gear boxes that much easier. The
special anti-wear additives will leave behind a microscopic coating to
protect and lubricate all metal surfaces.

Labelle Motor Cleaner is user friendly and will not affect most* plastics or
painted surfaces. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-irritating and
comes in this easy-to-use mist applicator bottle.
*Note: We have not tested #901 on all of the possible plastics and paint
combinations. To be safe, remove all decorated parts such as body shell,
decorated pilots, fuel tanks, etc. before using this cleaner.

This package contains enough Labelle Motor Cleaner to rehabilitate
more than one locomotive, R/C car, etc. How many will depend on the
Scale of the models and how dirty they are.

Yes! Labelle Motor Cleaner can be used in any other device that has small
motors and gear boxes.