N E8A Dummy -Southern Pacific Daylight Loco#None -

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Con-Cor made a long list of roadnames on "N" E-8 or E-7 (Rivarossi
bodies)during the late 1970's till early 2002 when Con-Cor was the US
Importer for the N Rivarossi line. (Rivarossi went bankrupt in 2002)

We found parts to make some non-powered "A" units and are offering'
them now. The colors or course would match exactly any powered E-8 "A" sold
by Con-Cor throughout the years. Some other companies have made their own
models of the N E-8's over time, and we would not know if their colors
would be an exact match for ours, but hey, look at the real railroads or
old photos... rarely did the colors match "exactly" for different units
running in the same train, due to exposure to weather or age of the units.

Note: Con-Cor used matching railroad paint chips supplied by Art Dubin who
wrote all the passenger car books for Kalmback in the 1960-1970 period so
we know the Con-Cor paint colors are accurate.

Retail value on on-Powered "A" units $36.98 Sale price $31.97

-- Come with genuine Micro-Trains knuckle couplers
-- Authentic Paint schemes for their time period
-- "DC" reversing headlight installed in "A" units.
When non-powered unit moves forward, headlight is "on" when
going backwards headlight is "off"
Note: This will burn out if put on "DCC" trackage.