N PB-1 New York Central - Dummy (non powered engines (no lighting) -

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Con-Cor first introduced our famous "N" PA-1 in 1968. It became one of the industry standards in the new "N" scale which was just starting to grow in popularity.

The PA-1 proved so popular, several of the other model railroad manufacturers copied our "N" model, included Walthers and Broadway Limited.

Over the years we re-tooled the N PA-1 several times to continually improve it. (We are currently sold out on the Powered (motorized) PA-1, but we do have dummy Non-Powered) versions of the N PA-1 and N PB-1 still available, and they can be run with and brand of "N" PA-1 powered unit.

On many of the prototype railroads, they ran 3 locomotives together (called an as A-B-A consist) to get enough horsepower to run the long passenger trains popular at  the time.

Features of the dummy (non-Powered) Con-Cor PA-1

• Comes with factory mounted Genuine Micro-Trains N Couplers
• Reversing headlight when running in "DC" mode.
Authentic Prototype Paint colors matching Art Dubin's supplied to Con-Cor in the late 1960's
• NOTICE DO NOT RUN the PA-1 Dummy on "DCC" track without changing out, (or at lease disconnecting)  the "DC" light and diode circuit to a DCC compatible circuit, a DCC  power
circuit will burn out the DC headlight and diode assembly.

Note #1): The matching PB-1 (Can be ordered separately on this web site). They do not have any lighting, so they will run just fine on either "DC" or "DCC" controlled trackage.

Note #2) Both PA-1 and PB-1 are old stock and only available in limited quantities, and if the matching A or B units are not listed on this website it means they are already sold out.