"N" Union Pacific M-10000 0001-8791 (Only One)

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Some of the Features of the M-10000

    • Will be DCC ready, with standard NMRA 8 pin plug mounted on internal PC board.
    • Extra 4th and 5th Pullman car will be available ( see below)
    • Highly detailed, and authenticly painted to match original Union Pacific Colors
    • Full Interiors and Lighting


  • Reversing headlights and tail lights
  • Will accept any brand Function or “Sound Decoder” that is compatible with standard 8-pin NMRA plug. (Con-Cor will start offering matching Decoders for these models)
  • Holes in bottom of loco chassis for sound exit.
  • Lighted Cab interior with Engineer and Fireman Figures
  • Extra headlight pointing to the heavens as per original train


Union Pacific won the race to place a modern streamlined high-speed train into service. Their M-100000 streamliner hit the rails in February 1934, two months before the rival Pioneer Zephyr. Although the Zephyr received far more publicity, UP's M-10000 was exhibited across the U.S. on a coast-to-coast tour. Over one million people climbed aboard for a look at the beautiful interior and each received a souvenir coin made of the same material as the M-10000 body.

Based on the original 1934 three-car train, this detailed model is DCC ready and features a full interior with lighting plus reversing headlights and tail lights.